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23rd May 2018, Alpharetta, GA

Solvay shares its vision of the future

Solvay’s new Global Business Unit Composite Materials is a leading provider of technologically advanced lightweighting material solutions for the aerospace, automotive and other demanding industries.Solvay is promoting its latest technologies at SAMPE Long Beach 2018 this week. Carmelo Lo Faro, President of Solvay’s Composite Materials Global Business Unit, gave SAMPE’s keynote lecture, sharing insights on how innovations in high rate manufacturing, modelling, multi-functionality and environmental sustainability will be key to enabling the large-scale adoption of composites.

Solvay is promoting market leading and new technologies developed to address the industry’s manufacturing challenges, with samples and components on display. These include technologies that enable the industrialisation of composite part manufacture, such as CYCOM 5320-1 for cost-effective OOA processing of aerospace structures; APC PEKK UD tape product for rapid consolidation of thermoplastic composite structures, which is said to enable affordable manufacturing processes with excellent toughness, damage tolerance, FST, and notched property performance; and PRISM technology for high rate manufacture of integrated composite structures.

Next-generation products and technologies that offer reliability and cost efficiencies include:

  • FusePly, which further enables the build of reliable, bonded composite parts through the creation of covalently bonded surfaces thus streamlining part integration and reducing assembly time in composite structures.
  • Evolite F1050, a newly launched product for oil and gas thermoplastic composite pipe applications.
  • SolvaLite 730, an innovative thermoset prepreg resin system specifically developed for high-volume automotive applications. This prepreg offers very short cycle times, enables robotic handling and eliminates the need for freezers and temperature-controlled transportation.
  • Tegracore PPSU Foam, a foam core under development ideal for thermoset or thermoplastic sandwich panels. It offers a high level of structural and functional integration and is lightweight (53kg/m3) with a high strength -to-weight ratio.
  • VAC-PLY VMS3, a new next-generation, multi-layer microporous vacuum channel for resin infusion specifically designed to maximise air removal during resin infusion processes, thus optimising impregnation and avoiding dry spots.

Solvay’s new Global Business Unit Composite Materials is a leading provider of technologically advanced lightweighting material solutions that enable its customers in the aerospace, automotive and other demanding industries to design, develop and efficiently manufacture high-quality, high-performance and complex composite structures.

Composite Materials has the most extensive product portfolio, including prepregs, resin systems, adhesives and surfacing films, carbon fibre, textiles, tooling and vacuum bagging consumables, thanks to its leadership in advanced materials science, chemistry and application engineering. Solvay Composite Materials combines the former Cytec Aerospace Materials and Industrial Materials businesses.

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