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5th September 2019, Burneside

Optiveil and Tecnofire at Composites Europe

TFP glass veil. © Technical Fibre Products

TFP glass veil. © Technical Fibre Products

Composites Europe in Stuttgart will be opening its doors on 10 September, and Technical Fibre Products (TFP) will once again be exhibiting its advanced nonwovens at the show. This year on display will be materials from the company’s Optiveil and Tecnofire ranges, as well as examples of how they are used in composites.

TFP’s Optiveil nonwovens provide a number of solutions for composites including surface finish, adhesive carriers or supports, fracture toughness improvement or resin flow media. “Earlier in the year we launched a range of next generation surfacing and adhesive carrier veils, designed to offer superior flexibility and surface smoothness,” the manufacturer reports.

These will be available at the show, alongside examples of our nonwovens in action including a composite bicycle frame and aerospace fuel pipe, where our veils have been used to deliver a high-quality surface finish, improved resin flow and controlled resistivity respectively.

Optiveil is used extensively for surface finish in composites, with proven results in aerospace, automotive, sporting goods, marine and energy applications. It delivers a high-quality resin rich surface, with a dual function of enhancing resin flow and/or adding functionality, such as EMI shielding, electrical conductivity, galvanic corrosion protection and abrasion resistance.

Also on the TFP stand will be its Tecnofire range of lightweight intumescent fire protection materials. The materials work by expanding from 4 to 35 times their original thickness when exposed to heat, protecting the underlying structure from heat energy. The popular range is used extensively in a broad range of applications and has been specified for use in bridges, fire doors, buses, trains, trams and structural panels following successful fire testing.

TFP offers specially developed resin infusible grades for incorporation at the surface of a composite to provide effective fire protection where it is required, without compromising structural integrity.

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