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4th December 2017, San Antonio, TX

Tsunami Bar technology to support USA golf team

The USA Junior National Golf Team Director Tom Relf has announced the partnership with Swing Balance as an official supporter of the USA Junior National Golf Team and its members. Swing Balance offers a modern approach to optimal sport performance utilising flex bar technology, supplied by Tsunami Bar, a South-Carolina company, which develops Tsunami Bar flexible composite barbells and LAT pull down bars.

“Tsunami Bar is proud of the work being done by all of the members of the Tsunami Bar team, and we are especially proud of the current work being done by Terry Hashimoto and his Swing Balance team,” commented Gordon Brown, President, Tsunami Bar.

Tsunami Bar, a South-Carolina company, develops Tsunami Bar flexible composite barbells and LAT pull down bars. © Tsunami Bar

The Swing Balance Laginator product line uses flexible fiberglass composites and will be featured in the ACE New Product's Award Competition at the ACMA's CAMX 2017 Trade Show and Conference being held in Orlando, FL, next week.

Improving human balance

“Swing Balance is dedicated to improve human balance through sport. We are extremely excited to partner with the USA Junior National Team to help develop young golfers with greater core strength and reduce back-up and injuries to junior golfers at all levels across the US. Big thanks to Tom Relf,” said Terry Hashimoto, Founder and President of Swing Balance.

Mr Hashimoto has travelled North America extensively to work with lead instructors and tour coaches such as Jim McLean, Jake Thurm, Hernan Rey Mark & Ted Sheftic and the likes to help affect immediate change in golf swings by using flex bar technology and pressure mapping techniques.

The Swing Balance systematic approach to pressure mapping system with markerless 3D software utilises patented flexible Tsunami Bar oscillating technology, which allows the athlete to use lighter weight and strengthen their core, which results in reduced injuries and increased strength. “It is fun, fast and portable”, said Hashimoto. “We are 100% committed to eliminating injury in golf training. Our training tools have been crafted by winners and the technology vetted by science.”

Innovative way of training

USA Junior National Team curriculum is ideal for players seeking a structured pathway to reach their full potential in golf, says Tom Relf. USA Junior National Team members will receive customised technical, tactical, physical and mental training as they transition through the benchmarks of the USA Junior National Team curriculum.

“The partnership with Swing Balance will benefit our players and coaches tremendously. Terry is incredibly enthusiastic towards his product and this new and innovative way of training. I look forward to seeing the impact Swing Balance will make to our students and am excited for the future,” said Mr Relf.

Developmental I and II athletes are those who have just begun their competitive journey. Certified USA National Team Coaches will work with each participant to develop the various skills necessary to become a member of the Future Stars Team. Athletes in the developmental programme are expected to compete locally in junior golf competitions. Programme coaches will assist participants and their parents in choosing appropriate competitive opportunities. Future Stars teams are for athletes age eleven and older who have displayed a passion for the game and possess experience in competitive golf events.

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