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26th September 2018, Redcar and Cleveland

Tomorrow’s anti-corrosion material today

Genable 3000 is a series of graphene based, active non-metallic, anti-corrosion additives.Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) will demonstrate the advantages of its Genable 3000 series of graphene based, active non-metallic, anti-corrosion additives at the forthcoming Advanced Engineering Show in Birmingham, UK, from 31 October to 1 November.

They have proven capable of delivering leading performance through numerous extensive test programmes and like all Genable dispersions, are formulated to enable the full benefit of graphene materials to be accessed by coating industry formulators seeking a step change anti-corrosion performance.

AGM is now reporting results from further testing, which not only underlines the potential for significant anti-corrosion performance gains but also the commercial attractiveness of the products – particularly under harsher C4/C5 corrosive environments.

Incorporated into the formulation of an industry standard C3 epoxy primer system, and tested under representative cyclical salt spray testing (ASTM G-85-94 Prohesion), Genable 3000 series materials have been shown to deliver a five-fold extension in coating lifetime, based on a single 60 micron dry film thickness. These exciting results are supported by a detailed mechanical dataset and studies incorporating combination with a PU topcoat exploring intercoat adhesion and overcoating intervals.

Further investigating Genable 3000 series potential for applications in harsher C4/C5 environments, AGM has embarked on another extensive test programme looking at the performance of a higher build primer system. The thickness of this high build primer is around 110 microns, and is therefore typically thinner than many comparative industry standard systems in the C4/C5 category (ISO12944).

The properties of the Genable 3000 series make it an ideal tool-box additive for formulators seeking to significantly enhance coating performance in a range of environments. As an additive capable of offering metal free systems with extended durability, it is anticipated that Genable 3000 should find multiple applications in industrial areas subject to high humidity and aggressive atmosphere, including inshore areas of medium to high salinity. Extended durability and thinner flexible coatings equate directly to significant cost savings in both initial coating system application, as well as maintenance and repair for commercial end users.

Genable 3000 series dispersions are available initially in epoxy resins but with a range of solvent and water based dispersions under near-term development.

All AGM’s Genable dispersions are formulated for long term stability and engineered to aid easy incorporation into existing manufacturing processes. The new range follows on the heels of the recent launches of the Genable 1000 series (for enhancing existing anti-corrosive additive performance) and the Genable 2000 series (specifically for corrosion inhibition on aluminium substrates).

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