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27th November 2018, Burneside

TFP to increase capacity by 50%

Technical Fibre Products (TFP) has announced a planned capacity increase of 50% by 2020. This significant financial investment is in response to rapidly increasing demand for TFP’s advanced nonwovens across all markets, following an already significant capacity increase in 2015.

TFP is a knowledge-based manufacturing company specialising in developing advanced nonwovens and other related materials for highly technical and challenging applications. Examples range from enabling emerging technologies such as fuel cells, to playing a crucial role in facilitating light-weighting of the latest generation of commercial and defence aircraft. This significant addition to capacity is necessitated by existing and projected growth in these areas amongst others, the company explains.

TFP’s range of nonwovens encompasses, amongst others, carbon, aramid, glass, thermoplastic and metal coated nonwovens. © Technical Fibre Products

“This latest planned expansion is an exciting and necessary step to meet rapidly increasing demand and facilitate the delivery of the company’s successful growth strategy. The 50% growth in capacity will be completed by the end of 2020 and represents the latest phase in an accelerated programme of both capacity and capability improvements for the company,” commented Martin Thompson, Managing Director of TFP.

“Examples include the installation of a state-of-the-art particle plating line and upgraded IT infrastructure at TFP’s manufacturing facility in the US, as well as the doubling of production capacity here in the UK in 2015 and increased warehousing to support this. The planned expansion will continue to facilitate the rapid growth TFP has seen in key markets such as aerospace, defence and fuel cells and will be supported by significant capital investment to develop and house the new capacity.”

TFP is a global company, exporting over 85% of its nonwovens worldwide. It uses wet-laid nonwoven technology which is unique in its design, its roots lying in the papermaking processes used by TFP’s parent company James Cropper. James Cropper is renowned for luxury packaging papers, as well as its latest sustainable initiatives, these include Cup Cycling – the upcycling of take-away paper coffee cups into luxury papers and packaging, and Colourform – an innovative new range of renewable and recyclable moulded fibre packaging.

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