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5th September 2016, Monchengladbach & Aachen

Textechno launches testing services for composites

Textechno, a leading designer and manufacturer of precision test equipment and systems for fibres, yarns and rovings in textiles and composite applications, is now offering testing services.

In addition to testing basic fibre properties, customers can now specifically examine fibre/matrix adhesion with the FIMATEST, as well as the drapability of fabrics and non-crimp for composites with the DRAPETEST. Both testing systems were awarded with innovation prizes in 2016, at the JEC and DIN innovation awards.

Dr. Ulrich Mörschel, CEO of Textechno, explains: “We were acknowledged with remarkable success at JEC with our innovative machines. Many industry experts have expressed their specific interest in receiving testing services provided by us. In the relatively young market of composites testing, manufacturers do not immediately set up their own testing laboratory when only having occasional needs. Therefore, we have made the strategic decision to extend our offer by the testing service, for which we created a specific new department with qualified employees. Thus, even customers who do not own suitable testing equipment can benefit from the important testing results which we provide, as well as from the experience of our staff. "

Dr. Michael Effing, CEO of AMAC GmbH and senior advisor for fibre-reinforced plastics to Textechno, adds: "The determination of characteristic values is very important for the design of composite components, both in calculation and simulation and so are the values for drapability and fibre-matrix adhesion which are provided by Textechno ́s testing equipment. From now on, customers can have direct and quick access to the test results of their own material."

Textechno says it continues to expand its offer in order to deliver further innovative characteristic values for the composites industry and the company promises another innovative testing system for 2017.

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