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13th February 2018, Tokyo

Teijin launches Solfiga brand for PPS compounds

Teijin expects to leverage its compounds technologies and experience to develop Solfiga mainly for automotive and electronics solutions.Teijin has announced the full-scale launch of Solfiga, a new brand of high-performance specialised polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) compounds made with proprietary PPS resin technologies of Initz, a joint venture between Teijin and SK Chemicals.

Full-scale production of Solfiga products will begin at its Mihara Plant in Hiroshima Prefecture this summer and Teijin targets Solfiga sales to reach US$ 260 million by 2025. To date, Teijin has already produced samples, small-lot orders and several customised products. Later, the company also plans to produce Solfiga products at Teijin Chemicals Plastic Compounds Shanghai in China and Teijin Corporation (Thailand) in Thailand.

Teijin says it decided to combine the group’s high-performance material and highly-functional compound technologies with Initz’s PPS resin to offer wider solutions to help manufacturers meet needs for weight reduction and enhanced designability. Going forward, Teijin expects to leverage its compounds technologies and experience to develop Solfiga mainly for automotive and electronics solutions, responding to diversifying demands from global customers in these fields.

PPS resin

The Solfiga line-up incorporates properties of various other Teijin Group’s high-performance materials, such as aramid and carbon fibres and specialised polycarbonate (PC) resin, which have been combined with Initz’s PPS resin.

PPS resin is said to exhibit heat and chemical resistance, as well as mechanical strength, leading to wide application in the automotive and electronics fields and demand for PPS resin is rapidly increasing. Conventional PPS resins retain chlorine and sodium left over from their raw materials and also contains various by-products, all of which can lead to the corrosion of production moulds and functional deterioration of final metal parts, such as defective contacts.

Entering PPS-compound field

Teijin, which widely supplies high-performance materials including PC resin and compounds to companies in the automotive and electronics fields, is improving its solution capabilities, expanding its resin line-up and providing compound and resin parts.

SK Chemicals, which possesses innovative technology for the production of chlorine- or sodium-free PPS resins, has been exploring opportunities to enter the PPS-compound field on a full scale. Teijin and SK Chemicals established Initz in September 2013 to develop, produce and distribute PPS compounds at a new 12,000-ton per annum pass-production plant. Solfiga will be showcased at neo functional material 2018, which will take place at Tokyo Big Site this week.

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