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17th September 2013, Atlanta, GA

Techtextil North America 2014 Symposium

The latest research, technology, applications, and the overall direction of the technical textile and nonwovens industry will be presented by experts and leaders from around the world during the Techtextil North America Symposium that will be held from 13-15 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Held concurrently with the exhibition, the symposium will contain twelve sessions with more than 60 presentations that will cover a wide range of topics from new fibre technology, intelligent textiles, medical research and application, nanotechnology real world applications, protective and military, high performance fibres and fabrics for sports and outdoor to nonwoven advancements.

Fibre technologies

‘New Fibre Technologies - Basics’ is the first part of a two part session, dedicated to the basics of manmade and natural fibres as well as their technical applications.

The creation of many new materials and devices with unique and valuable properties has had an immediate impact on the global textile industry. © Messe Frankfurt

During the ‘New Fibre Technologies’ advanced session the industry experts will discuss the attributes of the more advanced fibres and their advantage and application in technical textiles.

Protective and military

The ‘Protective and Military – Textile Advancements’ session will cover the latest advances in textiles designed to provide protection against a wide range of threats facing the military, emergency responders and industrial workers.

Topics will include approaches to flame resistance, chemical and biological barriers, ballistic protection, and related areas.


The application of novel materials and innovative structures is key to the success of developing new healthcare products that are needed to span a wide range of clinical applications. Pressing issues currently include an aging population, limitations to medical budgets, increasing numbers of drug-resistant bacteria, and hospital acquired infections reaching epidemic proportions.

The role of the ‘Medical – Research and Application Based’ session is to illustrate how current research is moving examples of the latest medical textile products from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside.


Supplying to the automotive market requires fully integrating design expectations with technical performance. Advancements in technology, coupled with changing OEM design and styling requirements, have had a significant impact on the selection process for automotive interiors.

The ‘Automotive – Textile Applications for a Competitive Marketplace’ session will explore key drivers for the raw material supply base for automotive textiles, emerging design trends in interiors, including sustainability initiatives, and examine key changes to technical requirements for the various automotive textile applications.

Fibres and fabrics for sports and outdoor

This session will be dedicated to providing the information necessary to develop fabrics for sports and outdoor in order to achieve  better comfort, breathability, cooling, heating and absorption.

Intelligent Textiles

Intelligent textiles have moved into a cross section of materials and end-products.

This session will help visitors to discover innovative application bases to help them find a right way to integrate intelligent textiles into the products.

Nonwoven Advancements

The nonwovens session will focus on the latest machinery developments in the industry and will focus on all segments of the industry from web formation to bonding including needle punching, spunbonding and melt blowing to hydroentangling, and thermal bonding.


The creation of many new materials and devices with unique and valuable properties has had an immediate impact on the global textile industry.

In the ‘Nanotechnology in Technical Textiles – Real World Applications’ session visitors will discover how nanotechnology is responsible for a growing range of different applications in the field of technical textiles, including textile structures used for specialized apparel, institutional, military and medical end-uses.

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