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17th May 2017, Frankfurt

Techtextil debut for PHP hybrid roving

Indorama Ventures company PHP, based in Wuppertal, Germany, introduced its new Enka TecTape hybrid roving for the automated production of continuous fibre-reinforced composites with a thermoplastic matrix at Techtextil 2017.

The rovings combine twist-free, aligned continuous glass fibre with thermoplastic multifilaments.

Andreas Flachenecker, technical marketing and development manager. © PHP

“The short distance between the reinforcement fibre and the thermoplastic fibres provides short cycle times during conversion,” explained technical marketing and development manager Andreas Flachenecker. “Composites made with the rovings can be post-formed like organo-sheets and can be further enhanced by tape welding or injection moulding.”

As such, the rovings offer significant advantages over commingled yarns due to the parallel alignment of the fibres, the consant ratio of glass to matrix fibres and their smooth surfaces.

PHP displayed its demonstrator Hy:Ro bike at the Frankfurt show, developed with partners and employing braided triax hose structures of Enka TecTape as the basis for the frame.

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