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27th December 2018, Tokyo

Technora panel in latest Sharp smartphone

The new Aquos Zero weighs just 146g. © Teijin/SharpTeijin’s Technora black flame-retardant para-aramid fibre has been selected for use in the composite back panel of the latest Aquos Zero, Sharp’s flagship smartphone model, which was released on December 21st.

The new Aquos Zero, which weighs just 146g, has a plastic back panel reinforced with Technora black and a frame made of magnesium alloy. It will be the world’s lightest smartphone in a class of six-inch screen models, with a battery capacity rated above 3,000mAh. It is also waterproof.

Technora para-aramid fibre is eight times stronger than steel as well as highly heat and shock-resistant, making it an ideal material for broad applications including ropes, timing belts, racing car seats and car hoods. It is also increasingly being adopted for outdoor use in applications such as firefighting clothing and yacht sails, due to its weather-resistance driven from its color by adding black pigments to Technora in spinning process.

Aramid composites are also expected to contribute to the development of advanced, extra-high-speed mobile devices due to the fibre’s light weight, electric insulation and dielectric constant properties, the latter ensuring minimized electromagnetic interference.

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