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19th November 2019, Walkerton, IN

Polygon Composites Technology announces new branding

New Polygon logo. © Polygon Composites Technology Polygon Composites Technology has launched a new branding initiative and an enhanced, easy-to-navigate website dedicated to showcasing the company’s in-depth understanding and extensive experience in the science and performance of composites.

With more than 70 years of innovation in composite technology for applications around the globe, Polygon products are designed to help customers’ applications operate easier, longer and better.

Polygon’s vision is to be the preeminent supplier of engineered composite tubing solutions by providing superior products, service excellence and overall value. The new Polygon website articulates the company’s values – customer commitment, delivering excellence, integrity without compromise, passion and pride in its work, and care for the community.

As part of the new branding campaign, Polygon also recently debuted its new logo, which features a modern, sleek design.

Polygon designs composite tubing components for a range of projects, including those used in medical and surgical devices, heavy construction and agricultural equipment, lifts, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinder applications and more.

Focused solely on working with composite materials, Polygon experts understand the materials down to the fibre level and can advise design teams when selecting the composite materials and architecture, tooling methods, composite manufacturing styles, and post-process machining required to meet performance requirements.

With its motto of Design us in. We can help bring your vision to reality, Polygon Composites Technology’s new branding and website is focused on helping customers develop a composite bearing or tube solution for their project.

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