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14th September 2017, Coseley

ELG Carbon Fibre secures certification

ELG Carbon Fibre, a leading supplier of carbon fibre products, has successfully extended the certification of its quality management system, in the process transitioning to the latest BS:EN9100 2016 (AS9100 Revision D) standard.

As part of this conversion, the scope of the quality management system certification was extended to incorporate design and development activities. This internationally recognised standard highlights the company’s on-going commitment to ensuring recycled carbon fibre materials are suitable for high volume engineering applications, especially within the automotive sector.

ELG Carbon Fibre operates a large carbon fibre recovery plant in Coseley, West Midlands, in the UK. © ELG Carbon Fibre

“Operating a rigorous quality management system is fundamental to our being able to deliver consistent, high quality products to our customers,” commented Frazer Barnes, Managing Director of ELG Carbon Fibre.

“Having this system certified to an internationally recognised standard is important to give our customers the confidence that our materials will meet their needs in high volume production. It also reflects the continuous effort and commitment made by our employees to deliver the highest quality carbon fibre products and conversion technologies.”

In addition to sector-specific changes in the language regarding product safety, counterfeit parts prevention and configuration management, BS:EN9100 2016 (AS9100 Revision D) fully incorporates the language of ISO 9001:2015. This means that risk-based thinking and a fuller appreciation of the organisational context are factored into operational strategy and management.

ELG Carbon Fibre was formed through an acquisition in 2011. It operates a large carbon fibre recovery plant in Coseley, West Midlands, in the UK.  Whilst the company continues to optimise the patented carbon fibre reclaiming process, the primary focus of the company is to develop and industrialise the conversion technologies to manufacture recycled carbon fibre products that can be reintroduced to the composites and compounding industries.

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