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8th January 2020, Warwick, UK

Call for abstracts: Recomp 2020

Re-use and recycling of FRP composites

19th May 2020, University of Warwick

Join Composites UK at the stunning Oculus building on the University of Warwick Campus, to learn about recent developments in re-use, recycling, recovery, re-purposing of fibre reinforced polymer composite parts, fibres and resins. The event is expected to include feedback from major international projects including Dreamwind, EcoBulk, FiberEUse and Re-Wind.

This event will be preceded on the 18th May 2020 with the following optional activities:

  • A tour of ELG Carbon Fibre
  • A tour of WMG
  • Tutorials on use of recovered carbon fibre and life cycle assessment
  • Networking dinner

Call for abstracts

Presentations will include university research through to practical end-of-life solutions, and a call for the industry to play its part in circular design, to optimise waste management practice and to maximise the ongoing value of resources.

Topics may include (all in the context of FRP composites):

  • Feedback from research projects in this area
  • New/developing fibre/resin recovery processes
  • Manufacturing with recycled fibres
  • Design for disassembly and re-use
  • Life cycle impact related to recycling/re-use
  • Legislative and societal drivers
  • Circular materials e.g. resins to enable easier recovery of fibres and matrix
  • Recycling of thermoplastic composites as well as thermoset
  • Sector specific end of life considerations, e.g. wind blades, aircraft, boats, vehicles
  • Case studies of commercial applications in any of the above

Abstracts should be submitted by close of business on 17 January 2020 using the link below.

If selected, speaker places at this event will be charged at £50 + VAT to cover costs.

Submit your abstract here

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