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10th November 2016, Atlanta, GA

Successful automotive conference to become annual event

The two-day JEC International Conference on Automotive Technology wrapped up its very first session last month, welcoming more than 210 attendees from America, Europe and Asia.

The event focusing on the latest developments in composites materials for the automotive industry took place in Knoxville, TN. “As the automotive industry remains the largest market for composite materials in the US, we felt that it was essential to deliver a tailor-made service to this industry at this location. We picked Knoxville on purpose as we believe this region is going to be an important composites corridor in the near future,” commented Daniel Ageda, JEC Group Secretary General and COO.

JEC Forum in Knoxville on composites in automotive. © JEC Group

“Also, in view of the outcome, we are planning to make it an annual meeting. As a matter of fact, we have already started to work on the next International Conference on Automotive Technology in Knoxville in the Fall of 2017.”

On display

The conference exhibited 20 table-top displays, attracting positive feedback from participants, organisers report. “We are very happy that our global and local strategy to address each composites end-using market specifically has been well received by the composites community,” said Daniel Ageda.

“As an exhibitor of a tabletop display, the communication prior to the show was effective. The show was better than I expected in venue, speaker topics and the full house of attentive attendees. There was sufficient opportunity for networking, and I have gained several promising prospects which I will be pursuing. An added bonus was meeting and getting to know the IACMI members. These “narrow focus” forums with targeted audiences are a great idea moving forward,” said Lynn Venditti, Business Development Associate, Technical Fibre Products Inc., USA.

Programme highlights

The first day was dedicated to conferences on Multimaterial Solutions in Automotive and the Incorporation of Carbon Fibre in Structural Parts in the Automotive Industry. All 12 American and European speakers delved into essential problematics about the challenges in lightweighting for the automotive market, the future of hybrid solutions, and the consequences of environmental requirements.

On the second day, the workshops organised in partnership with e-Xstream Engineering, ORNL and IACMI worked on topics such as Affordable Composites, the Development and Industrial Commercialisation of Composite Materials, as well as the Partnerships and Innovations in Composite Manufacturing.

“I would like to thank the University of Tennessee and Oakridge National Laboratory who welcomed our attendees on two site visits and presented them with their capabilities for the design, manufacturing, modelling and characterisation of fibres as well as experience the large and small-scale polymer 3D printers,” said Nicolas Baudry, Americas events director at JEC Group.

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