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15 November 2017, Bristol

Strain Measurement in Composites

The annual BSSM Showcase and Exhibition will take place at NCC Bristol on 15 November 2017. The annual British Society for Strain Measurement (BSSM) Showcase and Exhibition, focussing on strain measurement in composites, will take place at NCC Bristol on 15 November 2017. All BSSM members are invited to attend the Showcase free of charge.

Speakers are:

  • Overview of activities at NCC – Enrique Garcia, National Composites Centre
  • Assessment of composite components and structures using full-field imaging approaches – Prof Janice Barton, University of Southampton
  • 3D DIC applied to high velocity impact on laminated glass and composites in aerospace – Prof John Dear, Imperial College
  • Non Destructive Evaluation of the RNLI's Advanced Composite Structures – Holly Phillips, RNLI
  • High strain rate testing of lightweight materials: challenges and opportunities – Ian Butterworth, Warwick Manufacturing

Registered exhibitors include: Ametek; GOM; Imetrum; Instron; LaVision; and Vishay Precision Group - Micro Measurements.

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