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7th July 2017, Paris

Startup Booster open for submissions

The largest international start-up competition in the composites field, Startup Booster, is open to submissions. The programme is open to entrepreneurs with an innovative project, a SME or a start-up – including academic spinoffs, who want to meet the world leaders in the composites industry to bring them to the next level.

Ten start-ups will be selected to pitch on 8 March 2018 in front of a jury of experts and leading industry players at JEC World. They will also benefit from a strong business package including three days at the show on the Startup Booster Village and mentoring sessions with industry experts, including Airbus and Daimler, the main innovation partners of Startup Booster, for the second year.

The competition is tailored to source and inspire innovations in the composites field. © JEC Group

Out of these ten, three winners will be announced during JEC World. In addition to the extensive exposure to the international professional composites crowd, they will benefit from an acceleration package, including a booth at JEC World 2019.

Worldwide screening

“This year’s event has been a very efficient way to scout and engage with start-ups for innovative composite technologies. We expect a significant contribution to our future developments from this, and we are looking forward to continue partnering with next generation of technological entrepreneurs,” said Jelle Bloemhof, Head of Composite Manufacturing Technologies, Airbus.

Innovations will be in the following two categories: Process (design, manufacturing, digitalization/Industry 4.0), and Products (new composites materials including hybrid materials, bio-sourcing and intelligent composites, new applications and markets for composites).

 “Worldwide screening of start-ups related to composites technologies over the JEC event in Paris is a good opportunity for us to get in touch with innovative start-ups and possibly even pick up fast new partnerships in a fast-moving automotive world,” commented Karl-Heinz Fueller, Manager material innovations and BIW concept development at Daimler AG.

Meaningful impact

“The Startup Booster has had a meaningful impact on our business. Today we are in discussion with four big groups in two different sectors,” commented Cécile Crassous, CEO of H-PreC, 2017 Startup Booster winner.

“The JEC Startup Booster gave us extra visibility during the show and a premium display area, which was very helpful since there are 10s of thousands of attendees. We met with several large corporations and thought leaders in the field as a direct result of the Startup Booster program. This is an opportunity not to be missed,” added Josh Martin, Co-Founder and CEO of 3D Fortify, also Startup Booster Winner in 2017.

The Startup Booster competition is a programme serving the composites industry. “JEC Group's mission is to support and to sustain the growth of composites by promoting and showcasing the potential of composites in all possible applications. Startup Booster is a way to source and to filter innovations to present them to the industry and boost adoption,” said Frédérique Mutel, President and CEO of JEC Group.

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