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31st May 2019, Havant

European companies to fight against anti-dumping measures

EU initiated an anti-dumping investigation against certain fibreglass materials from Egypt and Bahrain.GRP Solutions and Jushi Group are drawing fibreglass users’ attention to the initiation of an anti-dumping investigation by the EU against certain fibreglass materials from Egypt and Bahrain following a complaint brought by the European Glass Fibre Producers Association (APFE).

In response to the initiation of the investigation on the 3 May 2019, GRP Solutions has joined a number of European importers and end users to form a consortium to oppose any anti-dumping duty measures being imposed.

It is important that UK end users of glass fibre materials affected have an opportunity to advise the EU of the impact that anti-dumping duties will have on their business, the companies report. Composites businesses in the UK employ over 40,000 people. The creation of tariff barriers and a reduction in free trade with economies such as Egypt will only increase costs for UK composite businesses and damage employment both in the UK and in Egypt.

“Having experienced the impact of anti-dumping duties on Chinese material in 2011 and the dramatic increase this had on glass fibre prices, it is important that we make our voices heard. Doing or saying nothing, may be interpreted by the EU that we are not concerned,” advised Brian Harpur, Managing Director of GRP Solutions.

“Although we are surprised by the announcement of the European Commission, we are confident about the upcoming investigations and have offered our full cooperation in this matter. As a matter of fact, we are convinced that Jushi has always adhered to the standards of European business practices,” the Group announced.

“It is true that Jushi has established a leading cost position in the market for fiberglass. We have achieved this by consistent development into production technology, new processes, leading raw material positions and strong standardization. It is in our business philosophy to share these cost advantages with our customers, who we see as partners, to seek growth and mutual benefits. In face of these unfair trade barriers, we will actively cooperate with the investigations to safeguard the common interests of Jushi and all customers, as well as the spirit of fair trade. Whatever the final result is, we will continue to provide market competitive prices through globalized supply. We therefore ask for your belief in Jushi’s strength and look forward to developing our partnership further.”

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