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JEC World
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11th April 2017, Stamford, CT

Smart manufacturing fuels composite materials innovation

Overall, the US composite materials market grew by 3.7% last year.With the advanced materials and processes involved in composite manufacturing, it makes sense that suppliers are focusing on smart manufacturing methods to bring these materials and systems to life.

“With composite manufacturing, the need for smart manufacturing is critical to help us ensure product quality and performance in the product,” says Bryan Dods, CEO of The Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI).

Since composite manufacturing is highly variable compared to machining and other traditional processes that composites are replacing across industries, manufacturers are looking to smart manufacturing to help maximize efficiency across the board and strengthen the supply chain.

“There are some aspects of the smart manufacturing principles that can be applied to composite manufacturing that will ensure automotive and other industries of the quality and performance levels of composite product,” Dods says.

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