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3rd November 2016, Birmingham

Sigmatex launches recycled composite material

Sigmatex, a leading independent converter of carbon fibre, has developed a new carbon fibre composite material within its sigmaRF product range.

Primarily aimed at the automotive industry, the product is an innovative and sustainable composite material based on reclaimed carbon fibre and thermoplastic matrix. The company is promoting the new material at the Advanced Engineering Show in Birmingham this week, with fabric samples demonstrator components on display.


Sigmatex has the ability to re-format 100% of all its surplus virgin carbon fibre to produce a non-crimp fabric, significantly reducing the amount of waste currently sent to landfill from both Sigmatex and its customers.

Sigmatex presented its latest innovations at Advanced Engineering Show in Birmingham, this week.

sigmaRF is suitable for many applications which currently use virgin carbon fibre thermoset or thermoplastic materials and engineered plastics or metal, particularly in the automotive, sports, leisure and energy sectors. It can be processed using standard methods suitable for thermoplastics including thermoforming and press moulding.


The polypropylene material is a uniform blend of carbon and thermoplastic fibres and is typically made up of 55% thermoplastic and 45% carbon. It is available as a unidirectional or multiaxial material, weighting 180g/m2 per layer. 85% of fibres are aligned, aiming to provide increased mechanical properties when compared to other recycled materials.

Sigatex exhibited the car door made from the new carbon fibre composite material.

The material is said to retain 50% of tensile modulus and 70% of flexural modulus, compared to high strength continuous fibre. It is also highly drapeable and suitable for complex shapes. A cost-effective solution, the new material provides lightweighting performance, and is end of life recyclable.

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