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18th June 2018, Frankfurt

SGL Carbon at ACHEMA

At last week’s ACHEMA, the leading trade fair for the chemical and process technology industries in Frankfurt, SGL Carbon unveiled its new corporate brand, along with a number of new initiatives.

The company’s patent-pending new silicon carbide (SiC) tube sheet for heat exchangers employs an SiC intermediate plate in place of solutions based on PFA-lined carbon and offers an optimised seal, preventing corrosion or damage to the sheets even after 100 cycles. In addition, a concept for electronical leak detection was presented.

At last week’s ACHEMA, SGL Carbon unveiled its new corporate brand. © SGL Carbon

Together with technology group GEA, SGL Carbon has also developed a new steam jet vacuum pump made of Diabon graphite. Compared with pumps made of porcelain, the main material used to date, the new vacuum pumps feature many advantages, such as energy savings of up to 30%, a greater degree of design freedom and faster delivery times.

After the market launch of Carboprint printed carbon and graphite components, SGL Carbon has now expanded its 3D printing expertise to silicon carbide under the brand name Sicaprint. SiC has extremely high hardness, stiffness and strength, as well as high thermal conductivity. Finished by liquid silicon infiltration, the materials can also be used continuously at temperatures far beyond 1,000°C in air.

SGL Carbon also presented newly-developed oxidation-resistant textile yarns ideal for high temperature applications. The new yarn based on polyacrylonitrile features a high purity with a carbon content equal or superior to 99.5%, resulting in optimised oxidation resistance.

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