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9th April 2018, Moscow

Russian investment in hybrid multiaxials

Prepreg-SCM, Russia’s largest producer of fabrics and prepregs based on carbon fibre, has invested over US$50 million in new technology for the production of hybrid multi-axial fabrics, reports Eugene Gerden.

The company is specifically targeting components for the shipbuilding industry, according to CEO Dmitry Kogan.

San Lorenzo yachts. © San Lorenzo

Prepreg-SCM has secured new contracts with Italian builder of luxury yachts San Lorenzo and the T & T Metalli i Compositi manufacturing group.

According to leading Russian analysts, fibreglass currently remains the major material for boat building, accounting for 97% of the market. However, the use of hybrid composite materials allows the weight of a structure to be reduced without increasing the cost of the finished product. The materials are based on parallel unidirectional reinforcing fibres of carbon and glass fibre which are laid in different directions, layer by layer in accordance with the specified reinforcement scheme.  Layers are sewn together with light threads of polyester. Traditionally, in the production of multiaxial fabrics, classical types of sewing interlacing are used, but during cutting the inflexibility of the sewing threads can cause problems.

Prepreg-SCM has developed a modified machine which allows the shape of the fabric to be maintained when cutting, reducing waste and the cost of production.

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