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23rd March 2018, Steffenberg/Paris

Roth presents new Eco machine in Paris

Roth Composite Machinery, from Steffenberg, Germany, a leading developer of filament winding machines, prepreg production plants, coating and impregnation systems, presented its machine manufacturer competences successfully at the JEC World in Paris, earlier this month.

The manufacturer showed its engineering expertise as in filament winding processes, as well as the manufacture of prepregs and organic sheets, at the international trade show for the composites industry. “The trade fair was an absolute success. Our new products attracted great interest from the specialist public,” commented Bernd Fischer, Sales Director of Roth Composite Machinery.

Roth Composite Machinery presented itself at the JEC World in Paris with great success. © Roth Composite Machinery

“With the new Rothawin technology, we accelerate the filament winding processes for the manufacture of hydrogen tanks in large-scale production by five to ten times. Also, the new machine Eco is experiencing increased demand. It is the standardised version of the gantry-type Filament Winding Machine being the most successful tailor-made machine on the market. The new Eco is equipped with all essential basic functions and offers particularly cost-conscious newcomers in the filament winding technology the attributes robustness, durability and precision Roth is known for.”

Filament winding equipment

“Due to the demand for low-cost manufacturing technologies being particularly flexible in use experienced at the trade fair JEC, we, as technology leader, also intend to invest in the field of robot-supported filament winding technology,” said Dr Andreas Reimann, General Manager of Roth Composite Machinery.

“Thus, we offer our customers – especially in start-up situations or regarding small series – another added value: They can operationally use their filament winding equipment – the industrial robot – also for other applications in addition to the usage for filament winding processes in case this is required by the capacity situation.”


Besides standardised tailor-made machines, already now Roth delivers complex plants with high degree of automation. Production lines of Roth Composite Machinery achieve success with short installation times and are said to ensure a fast start of the production.

When it comes to handling of all kinds of fibres, the company relies on a wide diversity of experience. Filament Winding Plants, having component weights of up to 120 tons and three shuttle carriages, are tested in serial operation. For the manufacture of pressure tanks for storing fuel or technical gases such as hydrogen, CNG or LPG, Roth Composite Machinery builds production lines. In addition, the company supports its customers by making available its laboratory plants for Filament Winding and Prepreg applications.

The special machine manufacturer from Germany has been developing, planning and producing Filament Winding Machines for more than 50 years and has almost 30 years of experience in the development of fully-automated plants in this sector. More than 500 plants of the technology leader are in use all over the world.

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