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15th September 2017, Dublin

Robotic over-braiding facility launched

Burgmann Packings Composites has announced the launch of its new robot handling system for over-braiding a wide range of mandrels and cores. The multi-axis Kuka robot system has a reach of over three metres and is integrated into the Herzog radial braiding machine based in Dublin.

The integration of the robot is said to allow seamless deposition of fibre on wide range of mandrel shapes and sizes. Carbon, glass, aramid, basalt and natural fibres can all be handled and deposited onto rigid mandrels, according to the company.

The radial braiding machines from Herzog are specially designed to offer superior yarn deposition and production capacity during over-braiding. © Burgmann Packings Composites

The privately owned manufacturing company will be exhibiting at the upcoming Advanced Engineering trade fair, which takes place from 1-2 November in Birmingham, UK, sharing its expertise and discussing its latest developments. 


The radial braiding machines from Herzog are specially designed to offer superior yarn deposition and production capacity during over-braiding. The manufacturer offers customers the ability of over-braid onto flexible as well as solid mandrels.

Fibre can be braided in biaxial or triaxial configurations; with braid angles from +/- 15 degrees up to +/- 60 degrees on diameters up 400 mm. “Again, we offer the ability to hire equipment and personnel on a time basis, which is very popular for R&D work,” says the company.

With over 100 years of braiding knowledge Burgmann Packings have a proven track record in delivering superior technical solutions to our customers. And now we have developed braided composite materials to match your performance requirements. From feather light Carbon/Epoxy to ultra-resilient thermoplastic based composites we can provide braided preforms or moulded parts tailored to your specific requirements.

Burgmann Packings

With over 100 years' experience in providing high quality braided solutions, the Burgmann Packings Group currently consists of manufacturing plants in Ireland, Turkey and China, along with headquarters and sales office for sealing technologies in Germany.

“The development of braided fibre preforms for composite materials has been an integral part of our Group Technology Strategy since 2008. In conjunction with researchers in Germany and Ireland we have developed our production methods for the repeatable volume production of braided fibre preforms for use in composite materials,” the company reports.

“In 2011 our dedicated Composite Materials Team was established in our Irish production plant.  Customer and quality focused, our team of braiders and engineers are continually working to bring the performance advantages of braids to the composites market.”

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