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3rd May 2018, Sins

Reducing time and costs with Airex T92.100 SealX

Leading wind turbine OEM’s resin uptake analysis on a 6,500kg hybrid core blade has shown that Airex T92.100 SealX, a thermoplastic structural rigid foam by 3A Composites Core Materials, significantly reduces both costs and time, compared to the standard PET foam core.

The resin uptake analysis was conducted in a real production of a 6500kg hybrid core blade, where Airex T92.100 SealX and standard PET foam core were compared in shear web and shell infusion. The blade total core was 151m2 and weighted 342kg, the shear web was 100% PET core, and the shells hybrid.

Airex T92.100 SealX has proven more cost effective for blade infusion than alternative PET foam cores. © 3A Composites

With Airex T92.100 SealX, the total resin saving was more than 3%, equivalent to 57kg less weight in comparison with the standard PET core – T92.100 SealX was applied in 57m2 and saved 1kg/m2; the core weight reduction was 29%; and the coating surface savings in total $3/m2. The total blade weight saving was 1%. Furthermore, the infusion time was even reduced due to the resin saving and resin flow speed over the Airex T92.100 SealX surface, the company reports.

“Airex T92 SealX is much more cost-effective than standard PET or PVC foam cores for wind turbine blade infusion. With Airex T92 SealX we can bring increasing savings to our wind customers,” commented Eric Gauthier, President of Global Key Accounts at 3A Composites Core Materials.

Airex T92 SealX is used in wind turbine blades, boats, automotive and other applications. With the dramatic reduction of resin uptake, the core-skin adhesion is a prime focus. “Despite the reduced resin uptake, Airex T92 SealX features the same excellent skin adhesion as any conventional PET core material. Furthermore, all mechanical properties of the core – including fatigue resistance – are unaffected by the new SealX technology,” the company reports.

3A Composites Core Materials is an organisational unit within 3A Composites, part of Schweiter Technologies, with operations in Europe, the Americas, China, India, and Papua New Guinea. It has pioneered the sandwich technology for over 75 years. Its brand aims to provide sustainable, lightweight, resource-friendly, high-quality core materials to enable the production of lighter and thus more energy-efficient end products for wind, marine, rail/road, aerospace, building/construction, interior, industrial, and other applications.

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