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18th August 2017, Brazil

Redelease launches semi-permanent mould release

Ycon CR8 is the first product developed by Marbocote exclusively for the Brazilian market. Redelease, a distributor of specialty chemicals, is introducing the semi-permanent mould release Ycon CR8, developed by UK company Marbocote, to the Brazilian composites market.

Ycon CR8 is the first product developed by Marbocote exclusively for the Brazilian market and reportedly combines excellent performance with ease of application, according to the manufacturer.

“Ycon CR8 quickly reacts on the surface of the mould, preparing it for use in a shorter time compared to competing products," said Roberto Iacovella, Managing Partner of Redelease. "This faster reaction speed also prevents an operator from being allocated just to remove excess product from the mould, a common practice when other semi-permanent mould release agents are applied.”

According to Iacovella, tests conducted in the UK demonstrated that 1l of Ycon CR8 can cover, after the application of four layers, 20-25 square metres of surface. “This is a better performance than the products currently available in Brazil,” he explained.

“In one year of partnership with Redelease, we have identified many business opportunities in the country," commented Ian Snowdon, Director of Marbocote. "That is why we decided to invest in a formulation that would meet the key requirements of local composite manufacturers.”

Redelease introduced the concept of semi-permanent mould release of composite parts to Brazil in 1997. Unlike the traditional carnauba wax, which demands a new coat at each release, the semi-permanent agents ensure multiple mould releases. This helps speed up production and reduce damage to the mould.

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