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23rd August 2017, Ammanford

RAC to deploy Haydale graphene prepregs

Graphene manufacturer Haydale, headquartered in Ammanford, UK, is entering into a technical and commercial collaboration with Rogers Advanced Composites (RAC) which is developing a composites centre located close to the Solent on the UK’s South Coast.

The collaboration will enable RAC to access Haydale’s extensive technical know-how in composites, polymers and resins and to incorporate its range of advanced graphene enhanced composites into its existing and future projects.

The collaboration will enable RAC to access Haydale’s extensive technical know-how. © Haydale

RAC, which has roots in the marine and yachting world through its sister company Rogers Yacht Design, has built a strong reputation in the design and manufacture of advanced composite products and is experiencing a strong demand for solutions across a range of industrial sectors including marine, military and motor sport.

It is also in the process of securing long term production contracts for an oil recovery project, as well as several aerospace, military and motor racing projects. There are also some prospects in the rail and shipping sectors as well as new build high performance carbon fibre race boats and refits.

Haydale has developed three specific graphene enhanced carbon fibre prepregs that offer designers the ability to improve and optimise structural performance characteristics. Each prepreg utilises functionalised graphene dispersed in epoxy resin formulations to deliver enhanced performance in a specific area namely:

Enhanced electrical conductivity (lightning strike protection, electromagnetic (EMI) and radio-frequency (RFI) shielding and strain gauges and interactive diagnostics.

Enhanced thermal conductivity for the dissipation of heat.

Enhanced mechanical performance in terms of modulus and wear resistance.

 “The work conducted over the past two years in the mixing, dispersing and processing of a range of nanomaterials into high end epoxy resins is now enabling us to add significant value to the traditional composite offerings that have been available for many years,” says Ray Gibbs, CEO of Haydale.

Simon Rogers, CEO of RAC adds: “RAC is a design led composite manufacturing facility intent on adopting new technologies in the early stages of development. The opportunity to work with Haydale fits very well with our company philosophy and we believe this new collaboration will be the beginning of a long-term relationship. This is a very exciting stage in the new graphene age and we are delighted to be part of it.”

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