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21st December 2018, Cologno Monzese

MB Spritzgusstechnik invests in efficient production

MB Spritzgusstechnik, a German producer of injection moulded parts from thermoplastics and recycled materials, has commissioned a second Negri Bossi Bipower i2700P-H56000 machine to efficiently process recycled plastic to produce industrial pallets.

A two-platen machine with 27000 KN clamping force and injection capacity of 28 kg in HDPE is equipped with a servo electric screw rotation and special screw profile for complex recycled materials. A complete Sytrama automation cell with Kuka 6-axis robot completes the installation.

The new BIPOWER i2700P-H56000 at MB-Spritzgusstechnik. © MB Spritzgusstechnik

The factory is passionate about processing recycled materials and re-using raw material to extend life cycles, according to the founder Michael Bechtel, who has more than 25 years of industry experience as a plastic mould manufacturer and plastics technician. “MB Spritzgusstechnik ensures we have the most advanced plastic injection technology installed at the factory.”

The injection unit is specifically designed to provide a homogenous and consistent melt quality of the recycled material. This includes a special barrier screw with feeder aids to ensure optimal processing conditions.

The control interface of the Bipower model is ergonomic and intuitive, based on an intelligent, self-explanatory menu. Technicians do not require additional training or long learning phases, and the system is backed up with the support of the Amico 4.0 system, which provides remote technical assistance ensuring a fast response to resolving queries.

MB Spritzgusstechnik has 160 employees and 30 machines installed, and this latest investment in the Bipower machine is integral to a strategic move toward sustainable growth and technological advancement, the company says.

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