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3rd February 2020, Cincinnati, OH

Fibre sizing’s impact to be highlighted at JEC

© Michelman.Michelman will showcase its expanding portfolio of water-based fibre sizing solutions at JEC World 2020 from 3-5 March 2020. The company will showcase Hydrosize, its versatile line of fibre sizing that allows customers to tailor the surface chemistry of reinforcement fibres to the chemistry of the matrix resin, thereby optimizing the interface adhesion between the polymers and fibres. The improved interface adhesion helps fibre producers and composite manufacturers produce stronger, lighter, and more durable composite parts.

Michelman offers a diverse selection of sizing solutions optimized for a broad range of thermoplastic and thermoset resins, including high-temperature matrices. The company’s fibre sizing can be applied during the manufacturing process of chopped or continuous strand fiberglass, carbon fibre, natural fibres, and fillers, or post-applied when making nonwovens and composite pre-pregs.

Part of Michelman’s Hydrosize brand family, Hydrosize Carbon, allows customers to leverage carbon fibre’s unique benefits. These various series of grades offer a wide variety of solutions depending on resin compatibility, fibre type, and desired composite performance. Additionally, Gilles LeMoigne, Regional Marketing Manager, EMEA, is presenting the ‘Effect of Sizing on the Interfacial and Mechanical Properties of Carbon Fiber (CF) Reinforced Polyamide (PA6,6) Composites’ during JEC’s technical conference.

Michelman will exhibit in Hall #5, Booth G73, at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

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