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14th August 2018, Amsterdam

Polydist UK and Sabic announce broader strategic relationship

Polydist UK is introducing Sabic’s specialties products to its current portfolio of polymer resins. The products include the well-known Sabic brands Norylresins, Ultem resins and LNP compounds, co-polymer polycarbonate grades, and flame-retardant grades of the resin brands Lexan, Cycoloy and Valox.

Polydist will hold an extensive local inventory and will be able to offer small scale sampling for product development, prototyping and part testing needs. Samples can be delivered with a shortened lead-time to help support speed and flexibility in application development. The company became an official UK distributor for Sabic’s specialties products range from 10 August 2018.

From left to right: Philip Eliades (Sabic, Business Development), Pieter Keijer (Sabic, Commercial Director), Richard Bradwell (CEO, Polydist) and Simon Cox (General Manager, Polydist). © Sabic

Polydist and Sabic have developed a strong relationship since the signing of their first distribution agreement in 2015 covering Sabic LDPE and LLDPE materials from the Wilton, Geleen and Gelsenkirchen plants.

At signing the agreement, Pieter Keijer, Commercial Director of Sabic’s Specialties business in the region said: “We look forward to our broader relationship with Polydist and strengthening our business in the UK. Working together we can further develop our joint objective to proactively help customers find solutions to their toughest challenges.”

Sabic has continuously invested in its specialties range of resins and compounds. Typical examples include materials for moulding impellers to strict tolerances for pumps and home appliances, safety critical industrial applications in sectors including aerospace and railways, powder coating, conveyor systems and LED lighting.

Sabic offers technical support to designers so they can make optimal use of the typical material characteristics such as super-high modulus for metal replacement, flame retardancy at thin wall section for weight reduction, low friction and wear to reduce noise, hydrostability, antistatic and electrical conductivity. The materials are typically used by customers to extend product life span, reduce assembly costs and improve aesthetics.

“I am delighted to be working with SABIC on this innovative range of technical materials as they will add great value to our extensive portfolio. We highly value our longstanding relationships with our supply partners and aim to deliver the aspirations of Sabic and our customers across this exciting range of products,” commented Richard Bradwell, CEO of Polydist.

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