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21st May 2018, Toledo, OH

Owens Corning shares its progress

Owens Corning has published its 12th annual 2017 Sustainability Report, themed Purpose + People + Action, which documents the progress made against its 2020 sustainability goals and its stated commitment to making the world a better place.

The report also prominently features Owens Corning employee stories and employee images as a testament to their contributions. “We are pleased to share our 2017 Sustainability Report and our progress. We’ve built a company with three market-leading businesses, all delivering strong financial results. These results have been achieved using our decision framework for managing our company as a sustainable enterprise, a continued focus for us into the future,” said Chairman and CEO Mike Thaman and Chief Sustainability Officer Frank O’Brien-Bernini.

The company invested US$ 50 million to rebuild a glass melter and expand production capacity by about 25% at its Chambéry, France, composites manufacturing facility. © Owens Corning

Some highlights of Owens Corning’s 2017 Sustainability Report include sustained progress against the company’s 2020 environmental footprint reduction goals. From the 2010 baseline year, Owens Corning exceeded goals for primary energy (-26%), water (-41%), and fine particulate (-25%) and is on track to meet goals for greenhouse gas (-48% to date) and toxic air emissions (-61% to date). The company also continues to be challenged by its waste-to-landfill goal (-4% to date) and purchased over 1.1 million megawatt hours of renewable energy.


In 2017, the company acquired Aslan FRP, a producer of glass and carbon fibre reinforced polymer products, also known as composite rebar, used to reinforce concrete for roads, bridges, marine structures, buildings, tunnels, and other infrastructure. The transaction was completed in July 2017.

Also in 2017, the company invested US$ 50 million to rebuild a glass melter and expand production capacity by about 25% at its Chambéry, France, composites manufacturing facility. As a result, all thermoplastic chopped strand products from this facility will be based on boron-free Advantex glass, which contributes to decreased emissions, reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing fiberglass, and provides superior performance in corrosive environments compared to standard E-glass.

Other achievements

Owens Corning achieved the company’s highest ever recycled glass use and recycled glass content in its insulation products, recycling over 1.4 billion pounds, in 2017. It also hosted its second Builder Summit to help builders strengthen their businesses by building energy efficient, durable and comfortable homes.

As a leader in building materials and composite solutions, the company also donated building materials in support of that strategy in several key areas, including building and rehabilitation of safe, efficient housing, neighbourhood revitalisation projects, construction and support of shelters and community centres, and disaster relief.

In addition, the company advanced the goal of an injury-free workplace by reducing recordable incident rate from 2016, while managing the integration of the Foamglas business and its 1,100 employees. It also expanded its Healthy Living wellness initiative for employees and their families globally, and increased company-sponsored volunteerism, product donations, or financial support and fundraising for local charities to 82% of its facilities.

The full report is available here

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