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12th March 2015, Paris

Owens Corning launches multi-compatible PulStrand roving at JEC Europe

The new PulStrand 4100 product is said to offer superior processing qualities. Owens Corning, a leading producer of glass fibre reinforcements and engineered materials for composite systems, has launched its innovative PulStrand 4100 roving at the JEC Europe 2015 show and conferences that concluded today in Paris.

The PulStrand 4100 roving is designed to deliver breakthrough processing advantages and performance benefits in pultrusion, compared to existing competitive offerings, according to the manufacturer.

Performance and higher productivity

The new PulStrand 4100 product is said to offer superior processing qualities, strength, and fatigue resistance in a multi-compatible product for polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, and polyurethane resin systems.

This higher-productivity material has the potential to provide faster line speeds while reducing downtime, scrap, and labour. It also enhances the modulus and durability of the pultruded profiles for a variety of high-performance markets, the company reports.

Sizing chemistry

The sizing chemistry of the PulStrand 4100 product is said to ensure excellent resin-to-glass adhesion and fast, uniform wet-out – by more than 50% when compared to existing products. Further extensive benchmark tests of competitive products have also shown a reduction of fuzz formation of up to 92%, less part bowing, and deformation and excellent humidity resistance.

In addition, the sizing also allows for increased glass content (higher modulus) and helps to improve the flexural, shear, and compressive strength of composite products. Tests have highlighted an increase of up to 57% in flexural strength.

Combining these characteristics with the corrosion resistance provided by Advantex E-CR glass, the PulStrand 4100 product is specially designed to optimize the durability and service life of applications in corrosive environments.

Improved profitability

“Our new PulStrand 4100 product has the potential to help improve the profitability of our customers and represents a more durable, stronger product for demanding markets,” said Bryan Minges, Global Product Manager at Owens Corning.

The PulStrand 4100 product covers a wide tex range (600-9600) and can be customized to specific application requirements allowing for the production of profiles for the consumer, recreation, corrosion, electrical, transportation, and construction markets.

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