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25th March 2009, Obertshausen

New generation Malitronic Multiaxial to boost textile composites

Karl Mayer Malimo is to present its latest generation Malitronic Multiaxial machine for textile composites during the second quarter of 2009. The multiaxial weft insertion warp knitting machine is to be made available for viewing at the company’s technical centre.

Warp-knitted multiaxial constructions are multi-purpose textiles with a wide range of applications. As load-bearing composites, for example, they are used in the rotors of wind turbines, as well as in machine components, tanks, strengthening elements for cars and pressure vessels, and these are specific applications, which make high demands of the textiles and especially of the machines used to produce them.

One of the most efficient and accurate of these machines is the Multiaxial from Karl Mayer Malimo. This impressive, high-tech warp knitting machine operates with several freely adjustable weft insertion systems, offers maximum flexibility for its simple, sturdy design, and is extremely user-friendly, Karl Mayer says. The company also says that the Multiaxial is also highly productive and produces a top-quality textile and that these performance features are the result of implementing a number of innovations.

Modern materials used in the technically sophisticated, intelligent systems, especially for the drive technology and weft insertion systems, guarantee optimum weft insertion frequency and machine speeds, and also ensure that the yarns are handled gently. The Multiaxial was also designed to minimise operating costs. Another important component in terms of efficiency and textile quality is the optional compensating yarn storage system for the weft insertion systems. This clever yarn storage system guarantees continuous take-off of the weft yarns and constant equalisation of the weft yarn tension, both within the yarn sheet as well as during the entire insertion cycle.

Special hooking elements on the transport chain ensure that the yarn sheet is hooked-up evenly and securely, even at high weft insertion frequencies and large insertion widths. The yarn-specific modifications that have to be made to produce the required fabric weights are made by changing the weft insertion cam, among other things. Karl Mayer Malimo has developed a new generation of Multiaxial machines in order to cater for the ever-growing market for glass-fibre composites and the huge demand for Karl Mayer Malimo’s technology. The new machine is known as the Malitronic Multiaxial, and the design has been completely revised, which has led to an obvious improvement in productivity, textile quality and machine handling.

More details will be available during the second quarter of 2009, when this innovative, pioneering technology will be available for viewing in operation in Karl Mayer Malimo’s technical centre.

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