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6th February 2018, Huntington Beach, CA

New carbon triaxials from Airtech

Airtech Advanced Materials, based in Huntington Beach, California, is launching its TMGC-TX range of triaxial carbon fabrics developed for the manufacture of composite moulds in combination with the company’s Toolfusion resins.

The new quasi-isotropic fabrics are balanced in every layer, avoiding the need for orientation of individual plies in a laminate stack. This reduces lay-up time considerably. In addition, the simplified ply patterns keep material waste to a minimum.

TMGC-TX fabrics are available in a selection of light, medium, and heavy weight fabrics. © Airtech Advanced Materials

TMGC-TX fabrics are available in a selection of light, medium, and heavy weight fabrics, with the heavier materials allowing thickness to be built in fewer layers, with laminate quality for high quality post machining.

Airtech Group has recently been named Best Growth Partner 2017 by LM at the LM Windpower Supplier Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This was one of only four awards given out during the supplier conference and signifies a major step forward in the company’s partnership with LM Windpower – the largest wind blade manufacturer in the world.

“It is an honor to receive such a prestigious award and I would like to personally thank the global Airtech team and LM for their hard work and effort towards making this partnership a seamless transition,” said Airtech’s market sector business manager Kevin Murtha at the event.

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