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7th June 2017, Ecublens

Décision SA expands its offering of composite prototyping and manufacturing solutions

Décision SA, part of the Carboman Group and a leading manufacturer of high performance composite components, is expanding its offerings to the global architectural market. The company has signed a number of significant prototype agreements with several international contractors for the manufacture of composite roofs and other major structural elements.

“Whilst better known for its successes within the aeronautical and marine sectors that include Solar Impulse and various America’s Cup builds, Décision SA has over 20 years’ experience of delivering stunning projects within the architectural sector,” the manufacturer reports.

The composite shading system for the conference room of a luxury watchmaker’s headquarters in Geneva. © Décision SA

Recent projects include structural cladding systems for a mountain top telecoms station; a unique skylight shading system for a luxury watchmaker’s conference room and, most recently, the prototyping of the Russian Orthodox Cultural and Spiritual Centre Domes in Paris that were constructed by sister company Multiplast.

Working as a turn-key solution provider, or as a partner for key aspects of the manufacturing process, Décision SA supports contractors at all stages of the design, structural engineering, tooling, prototyping and production processes.  In particular, Décision SA manages the prototype testing and validation processes in house, or at partners such as the EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), before series production commences. 

Décision SA will then advise and help to set up the manufacturing process and, in some cases, tooling and production technologies are transferred to customers.

Décision SA provided tooling and expertise for the production of the new Russian Orthodox Church Composite Domes, working alongside sister company Multiplast, also part of the Carboman group. © Décision SA

Sustainability and reaction to fire are also two key elements in infrastructure applications and for this reason Décision SA says it has invested significant time and resource into developing a unique expertise in working with both ‘green’ raw materials such as bio resins and natural flax fibres, as well as all types of fire retardant resin systems and materials.

“We are delighted to sign a number of significant prototyping contracts that will secure our position as a leading composite components manufacturer within the global architectural market. Décision has invested a considerable amount of time optimising its manufacturing solutions – both bio based and fire retardant. Strengthened by the additional capacity and resources of the Carboman Group, I am confident Décision is perfectly placed to offer clients a wider range of services as structural composites become ‘the norm’ in architecture,” said Gregoire Metz, Managing Director, Décision SA.

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