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1st March 2018, Prilep

Mikrosam’s robotic solutions on display at JEC World

Mikrosam, а leader in innovative composites manufacturing equipment and software, is presenting its latest AFP/ATL robotic solutions for manufacturing composites – Taurus, Libra and Discovery – at the next week’s JEC World international composites trade show in Paris.

“The company is continually supporting companies focusing on multi-material and bi-directional placement processes. With Tauris, Libra and Discovery, companies will have an opportunity to decide which of these three new solutions is the smartest and most technological investment for their demanding production needs,” the manufacturer reports.

Versatile and flexible

Taurus is designed as the perfect solution for achieving the highest productivity production process of large aerospace flying composite part. It is said to provide high lay down rates retaining the stringent quality requirements of structural composites with up to 6m diameter and 30m length.

Mikrosam will present its latest AFP/ATL robotic solutions for manufacturing composites at JEC World 2018. © Mikrosam

Libra is a versatile and flexible AFP/ATL platform, capable of producing composite parts with a diameter of up to 2.5m and 12m long, using 8-tow AFP head or thermoplastic ATL head. According to the company, it is ideal for customers looking for a complete freedom in designing and manufacturing medium to large sized flat or countered composites.

Discovery is a AFP/ATL robotic solution for developing production concepts and demonstrating feasibility by prototyping. It features either a 4 tow AFP or ATL head and is intended for production of smaller composite parts with 1m diameter and 2m length.

High precision and dynamic movement

Taurus, Libra and Discovery can be customised and are compatible with thermoplastic, thermoset and dry fibres layup placement processes. All three solutions have a built in user-friendly programming and simulation software MikroPlace and Quality Control System (QCS).

“Mikrosam addresses not only the aerospace but also, automotive, marine, gas and oil and piping industry’s drive for efficiency and flexibility in composites production by introducing Taurus, Libra and Discovery,” said Samoil Samak, Mikrosam’s Vice President.

“These innovative AFP/ATL robotic solutions are designed for manufacturing premium quality products of complex shapes by offering high precision and dynamic movement. They are capable of switching from automated fibre placement to automated tape laying in a matter of minutes thus saving millions of dollars in equipment, infrastructure and labour costs, necessary for two different systems.”

Integrated AFP and FW work cell

At its booth, customers can witness Mikrosam’s most recent innovation, an integrated AFP and FW work cell. With this innovative solution, the time-consuming process of transferring the product from one machine (FW process) to another (AFP process), which can take more than a day, is now done within minutes, the company says.

JEC attendees will have an opportunity to see thermoset and thermoplastic, CFRP and GFRP samples, and witness the qualities and efficiencies achieved on Mikrosam’s equipment.

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