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22nd March 2017, Italy

Major European order for Cannon

Having received a large order for a carbon composites plant for Chinese electric cars, Italy’s Cannon Ergos is now delivering six hydraulic presses – including a 50,000 kN giant – to a European manufacturer.

The successful development of solutions for the mass production of carbon composites has generated a flow of orders for Cannon, which is specialised in large plants for polyurethanes, plastics and aluminium die-casting processes.

The large moulding plant delivered by Cannon to Kangde in China will be used to produce carbon composite parts for electric cars. © Cannon Ergos

Major orders taken in 2015 and 2016 are now being delivered or installed. The large plant sold to Kangde in China for the manufacture of carbon composite parts for electric cars has been fully shipped and installed, and is now undergoing commissioning. This plant includes carbon fibre stacks production (with a dedicated nesting software to optimise fibre yield and minimise handling), a carbon fibre stacks preforming system, HP-RTM (high pressure resin transfer moulding) and LLD (liquid lay down) production cells.

In the USA, a large pilot plant supplied in the first months of 2016 for a project in the field of personal transportation has now produced its first samples, with a promising forecast for the industrialisation of the production.  The equipment supplied includes a very large press, with platens of 4.5 by 5 metres, and a fully automatic carbon fibre preformer of similar size.

Cannon at JEC World 2015. © Cannon Ergos

The European company which has now placed an order for six hydraulic presses for compression moulding ordered its first Cannon Ergos 25,000 kN press in 2015. It has subsequently ordered six short-stroke hydraulic presses with active control of parallelism, consisting of:

  • One 15,000 kN press with single shuttling lower platen, able to carry moulds up to 2.5 by 1.8 metres.
  • Two 15,000 kN presses with double shuttling lower platen, of the same size.
  • Two 25,000 kN presses with double shuttling lower platen, for moulds up to 3.6 by 2.4 metres.
  • One giant 50,000 kN press with platens of 5 by 3 metres and a double shuttling lower platen. This press has a closing speed which reaches 500 mm/s and allows the whole floor of a large car to be compression moulded. Due to its huge size – its pit will be 11 by 18 by 5 metres – the unit will be assembled on site during 2017.

The double shuttling lower platen developed by Cannon Ergos has been adopted by this customer as the most convenient solution for obtaining the highest yield from the plant, leaving the operators with the time and the full lateral access to demould the parts, service the mould, load the new material to be processed and position numerous inserts. This method provides the highest productivity, allowing for fast and continuous compression operations.

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