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23rd January 2020, Cornwall, UK

New products from Composite Integration at JEC

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Composite Integration, the resin transfer moulding and resin infusion specialist, will be showcasing its Ciject One and launching its Automated Infusion Manifold System at the JEC World Show, taking place at the Paris Nord Villepinte, France from 3-5 March.

The Ciject One- RTM/VRTM Injection Machine is a sophisticated machine with programmable functions and an extensive level of control options. According to the company, it features an unrivalled level of control with simplicity of operation at this price point. The use of PLC control systems combined with electronic pressure sensors allows for accurate regulation of injection pressures and complete process control.

Composite Integration’s patented modular infusion manifold has been designed to simplify the  manufacture of large composite structures by streamlining and automating the infusion process. The  system consists of a number of user configurable ports which can be individually actuated to direct  material to the required resin feed line or mould inlet. The manifold is fully vacuum and pressure  rated. And, after injection, the manifold can be flushed which results in a fully re-usable system.

Business Development Manager, David Raynor, commented: “Liquid Resin Infusion is traditionally a wasteful process, with most of the vacuum bagging material and pipework being thrown to waste after de- bagging. As the scale and complexity of components to be infused increases, we have identified a  need to develop a re-usable system for simplifying how resin is distributed to the various feed lines in  an infusion. The manifold is especially relevant to the wind energy and marine markets who are  infusing large structures with multiple feedlines. The modular nature of the valves also allows for the  end user to specify how many outlets are required, so the system can also be tailored to smaller scale processes as necessary. With the addition of heating, the manifold can also be adapted for use with high temperature resin systems which are typically used in the aerospace sector. When combined with Ciject injection equipment, the ports can be automatically opened and closed, which allows full traceability of which valves have been opened and when.”

Composite Integration experts will be on-hand to discuss liquid resin processes, resin transfer moulding (RTM), vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding (VRTM) and resin infusion, as well as  providing more information about the full range of equipment, consumables and services.

General Manager, Kelly Ellis, said: “We are looking forward to once again exhibiting alongside our  French distributor, Diatex, meeting new and existing customers, as well as expanding our network,  from our stand J23 in Hall 5 during the show.” 

Silicone Composites will also be exhibiting its SC4 Silicone Spray Machine and its silicone membrane technology.


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