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4th February 2020, Paris

Latest JETCAM innovations at JEC World 2020

© JETCAM.JETCAM will be showcasing new versions of its nesting and composite automation software at JEC World, Paris, booth no E28 between 3-5 March 2020. The latest release of JETCAM Expert nesting software benefits from several major enhancements. Improvements to common cutting logic can further reduce nest runtime on the cutter, and several new interface enhancements such as screen macro recording and unlimited undo can drastically reduce workflow.

CrossTrack 5, JETCAM composite material management software has been expanded further, now including two mobile applications for iOS and Android. The UI within the Material Transfer Station (MTS) app has been updated to allow handheld devices to be used in cold environments (such as freezers) where capacitive touch screens are less responsive.

The General Purpose Information Station (GPIS) provides live information on material and job location and life status on tablets, allowing staff to access this information from anywhere. The core CrossTrack suite benefits from dozens of minor interface enhancements, including a new stock graph that allows staff to immediately identify roll length of all stock of a given material type or batch, helping to visualise stock amounts and highlight if staff are taking new rolls from stock before existing stock is consumed.

JETCAM Orders Controller also benefits from dozens of new features and enhancements, the company says. “A new ‘static order nesting’ feature allows users to see whether existing nests can be used to fulfil ply orders in a work list. Enhancements to component reprogramming allow items such as material, angles allowed or machine to be programmed for to all be modified, allowing staff to make changes to entire folders of ply component files with a few clicks of a mouse. This is extremely useful for reprogramming plies for a different material or reprogramming them for nesting on a new CNC cutter.”

JETCAM will also be offering attendees of the JEC World show a free ‘nesting benchmark comparison’. A nest of supplied plies will be created using JETCAM’s high performance nesting, allowing the user to compare nesting efficiency, with material savings alone often paying for the software in a matter of months or even weeks. Companies can bring a USB stick of DXFs to the booth to request the nesting benchmark comparison.

JETCAM will again be sharing the booth with Aligned Vision, manufacturers of laser projection systems.

All applications are available for immediate download from and updates are free to all customers with a current maintenance contract. Videos on new features are included in JETCAM’s online University video learning library.

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