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5th December 2016, Newport Beach, CA

Luescher Teknik to discuss future of composites in cycling at Cyclitech 2016

Raoul Luescher, director of Luescher Teknik. © JEC GroupRaoul Luescher, director of Luescher Teknik, an Australian sports engineering consultancy company, and a carbon fibre expert, will present at the upcoming Cyclitech 2016, international conference on bicycle technology, co-organised by JEC Group and SPE.

Raoul Luescher will present during Cyclitech 2016’s Non-destructive Testing and Quality Control of Bike Parts session on 6 December in Newport Beach, CA.

Expertise in composite quality assurance

Founded in 2008, Luescher Teknik is specialising in non-destructive testing of composite structures, repair, fabrication, tooling, quality, sensors, and testing. The company has assessed and repaired over 3,200 items for clients including insurance, manufacturers, shops, and public customers, with in-house ultrasound capability to reliably detect damage and flaws.

As the director of Luescher Teknik, Raoul Luescher brings over 25 years of experience in composite quality assurance, design and manufacture in both production and research disciplines in the aerospace and defence sectors. This experience covers a range of non-destructive inspection methods and quality systems.

Current challenges

According to Raoul Luescher, some of the current challenges of the use of composite materials in the cycling industry can be found in the area of quality assurance and production consistency. “As part weight decreases, common production flaws such as wrinkles, porosity and voids are more critical to the performance of the part,” said Mr Luescher.

“It is one thing to design and model the optimum laminate for a structure, however it is another challenge entirely to produce it in volume with repeatable quality. More production testing is required to ascertain that the as designed mechanical properties are being met consistently.”

Ultrasonic inspection

Ensuring cyclists’ safety is one of the major issues faced by manufacturers. The presentation by Raoul Luescher will delve into ultrasonic inspection technology and ways how it helps prevent in-service failure.

Ultrasonic inspection is the standard non-destructive inspection method used in aerospace composites due to its suitability in finding planar type defects, porosity, voids and inclusion type flaws. “It is safe, reliable and adaptable to the variety of parts and geometry found on modern bicycles,” explained Mr Luescher.

“Luescher Teknik uses ultrasonic scans on in-service bicycles and components to find a variety of damage conditions such as impacts, crash damage, handling damage, as well as production flaws. By being able to identify these potential safety issues before they cause a possible injury or catastrophic failure we can offer our customers a service that provides peace of mind knowing that the level of inspection we offer is second to none.”

Cyclitech 2016

Cyclitech is the first international conference on bicycle technology. Co-organized by JEC Group and SPE, these two-days of conferences offer an opportunity to discuss and learn about the latest bicycle technologies. Cyclitech 2016 will include presentations by experts on subjects covering racing bike optimisation, advancements in manufacturing, non-destructive testing and many more, with a special keynote speech from Greg LeMond – Tour de France Winner and founder of the LeMond Composites.

The first edition took place in December 2015, in Brussels, Belgium. With over 35 international speakers and 170 participants, it offered a comprehensive programme covering widespread topics, such as an overview of materials and processes dedicated to bicycle frames, the latest trends in design and innovation and of course the ever-present challenges of increasing performance without sacrificing safety.

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