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8th May 2008, Saerbeck, Germany

JEC-Paris: Saertex presents forward looking technology

Saertex GmbH & Co. KG, which has its head office in Saerbeck, Germany, again successfully exhibited its products from the first to the third of April 2008 at the JEC Composites Show in the French capital city of Paris. At the world's biggest composites show the company presented the innovative products and solutions it is known for to the public and its business associates.

Two exhibition pieces which stood to represent the impressive spectrum of use of SAERTEX stitch bonded constructions were of particular interest to visitors. An Airbus A320 fin along with the body of an Indian Rickshaw "Tuk tuk" vehicle were exhibited at the 85m² stand.

Furthermore, particular interest was shown in a future US project: SAERTEX USA shall in the future supply stitch bonded constructions from which composites for a new type of transit bus will be manufactured. The future orientated transit bus, a fuel cell driven vehicle will be constructed entirely from composites with no supporting metal structures. Visitors to the SAERTEX stand were able to view the project in model form.

About Saertex

The success story of the SAERTEX group began in 1982 in Saerbeck. Over 25 years later and now grown to include seven locations on four continents Saerbeck remains the heart and brain of the group. This is where innovative products, optimised process engineering and individual solutions originate and are then sent to staff and clients worldwide.

The production space in Saerbeck continues to grow and was last extended in 2007 to 35,000 sqm. In future finished preforms will be made in Saerbeck as well as technical textiles of high-tech fibres. The preforms will be tailored to client needs and production methods using special cutting, sewing and binding fastening technologies.

The SAERTEX multiCom subsidiary, founded in 1996, is based in Saerbeck as well. This is where SAERTEX Liner is made, a state-of-the-art product for drain modernisation without digging. High demand for GFK Liners means SAERTEX multiCom is growing apace. Now that the group's established itself on the German and European markets we plan to expand in the export business in future.

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