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7th October 2019, Toledo, OH

Introducing the Megadoff

Megadoff is a new doff option from Owens Corning. © Owens Corning

Megadoff is a new doff option from Owens Corning. © Owens Corning

Megadoff is a new doff option from Owens Corning that increases the amount of glass from 18 kilograms in a typical conventional doff to 880 kilograms.

This eliminates the need for frequent doff-to-doff splices and improves the continuous flow of robotic and automated manufacturing lines. Zero doff transition also improves part quality and increases manufacturing throughput.

Megadoff is available for orders of the company’s new P204 multi-end roving, a versatile solution for a wide range of sheet moulding compound applications, especially where reduced glass changeovers are needed when manufacturing multiple types of parts.

P204 multi-end roving is made from Advantex continuous glass filaments and is compatible with polyester, vinyl-ester and polyurethane resin systems.

Due to its enhanced impregnation and wet-out characteristics the product enables around 30% glass loading and thus reduced glass changeovers when making multiple parts with different end use requirement.

It is designed for use with low shrink and low profile formulations enabling enhanced ‘Class-A’ surface aesthetics for automotive and transportation applications and can also be used in pigmentable applications.

As a multi-functional solution, P204 provides excellent mechanical properties, dimensional stability and enhanced design flexibility due to proprietary sizing.

Advantex glass helps fight corrosion, enhancing service life compared to standard E-glass, the company says.

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