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28th March 2018, Leverkusen

Interior luxury from Haier

Chinese luxury appliance business Haier has launched an air conditioning unit under its Casarte brand based on continuous fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRTPs) from Covestro.

The material was developed to produce extremely light-weight components that can withstand enormous forces thanks to ultra-thin, endlessly long carbon fibres.  The low weight, however, was not important to Haier.

Haier has launched an air conditioner under its Casarte based on CFRTPs from Covestro. © Covestro

“The decisive factor was the surface quality,” says Shao Qingru from Haier's design team. “When I saw the material for the first time, I was very impressed by its aesthetic quality.

The Haier Group holds the world’s largest market share in the appliance sector and produces a very large number of air conditioning systems, washing machines, microwave ovens and refrigerators for demanding customers. It has acquired its reputation through luxury goods made of glass and steel which are sold as celebrated design objects and employs some 300 designers.

“Steel, aluminium and glass attract attention,” says Qingru. “It is not easy to find new materials we can work with and the effort required to successfully bring them to the end product is high. I believe that Covestro and Haier have made a real breakthrough here."

The air-conditioning system consists of two slender columns and in their brilliant polycarbonate matrix, the endless carbon fibres lie parallel to each other and are reminiscent of brushed aluminium, but without the need for the time-consuming finishing process.

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