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17th October 2017, Seoul

Innovators to receive JEC Awards in Seoul

During the first JEC Asia International Composites event in Seoul, South Korea, 12 companies will be rewarded in the major application sectors - aeronautics, automotive, construction, marine, racing car, railway, transportation, wind energy and sports & leisure.

Like the rest of the world, the Asia-Pacific region is seeing major developments in carbon- SMC materials, lighter and safer cars and transportation systems, renewable energy, processes and raw materials. This could be seen through the numerous applications received in these topics.

JEC World 2016: Innovation Planets

“JEC Group strategy towards composites end-users appears to be truly appropriate when we notice all these industries represented in this list of winners. One can only notice that composites are now fully part of our everyday life and it is just the beginning.” Says Ms. Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President & CEO.

 The ceremony will take place on Thursday November 2nd, 2017 at the COEX Center of Seoul (South Korea) in the conference room of JEC Asia level 1 from 3:30 p.m. Ida DAUSSY (Seo Hye-na), a French-born South Korean broadcaster who has been awarded a presidential citation in 2005 by the South Korean Government, will host the ceremony in front of officials, industrialists, scientists and composites professionals.

JEC Asia Innovation Awards: The 12 Winners

Railway - Korea Railroad Research Institute (South Korea)

Railway sleepers using ultra-high-performance cementitious composites

Transportation - Omni Willig Carbon GmbH (Germany) Carbon Mini Tank for highly-corrosive materials

Automotive - Daimler AG (Germany) Multifunctional carbon SMC spare wheel pan

Racing Car - Epotech Composite Corporation (Taiwan) Lightweight body structure design

Aeronautics - Composite Technology Centre / CTC GmbH - An Airbus Company (Germany) Hybrid SMC technology for aircraft applications

Wind Energy - Arkema (France)

Infusion thermoplastic resin for wind turbine blade manufacturing

Sports & Leisure - Chomarat (France)

Thin-ply carbon NCF with visual stitching applied to an innovative windsurf board

Construction - Logelis (France)

Composite sandwich panel for modular construction

Marine - Talon Technology Pty Ltd. (Australia) Carbon fibre/Kevlar hinge system

Raw Materials - OCSiAl (Luxembourg)

Single-wall nanotube-based industrial predispersed concentrate

NDT & Monitoring - R-TECH Services Ltd. (UK)

Acoustic emission system for the assessment of hydrogen tanks for fuel cell vehicles

Process - Textile for Life Co., Ltd. (South Korea) Industry 4.0 robotic braiding factory

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