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15th November 2018, Stuttgart

Hybrid design for the E-Port

Secar Technologies, based in Hoenigsberg, Austria, exhibited its patented E-Port solar energy station at last week’s Composites Europe exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany.

The E-Port’s roof construction is carried by carbon fibre composite tubes which merge into specifically-developed aluminium knot systems around the solar panels, to achieve a perfect force transmission. This combination provides the maximum stability at the lowest weight, in order to cope with high stresses caused by wind and snow.

E-Port solar energy station. © Secar Technologies

The solar modules are equipped with the latest 360° bi-facial solar cell technology to deliver a higher degree of efficiency. A LED lighting system is also embedded into the roof system, with a motion sensor for automated lighting of the station.

An active control system wall box is fully embedded into the base modules on both sides of the E-Port. This unit controls the loading process and the storage of energy. The inverter is also supplied as part of this package.

E-Port solar energy station. © Secar Technologies

A Type 2 charging plug offering a loading performance of 22kW is also integrated into the base unit, supported by an elevated spiral cable.

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