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25th October 2016, Burneside

High-performance nonwoven veils

At the forthcoming Composites Europe show to be held in Düsseldorf, Germany, from November 29 to December 1st, Technical Fibre Products will showcase its Optiveil nonwovens based on carbon, glass, polyester, aramid and high performance thermoplastics.

These have a variety of applications in composites as adhesive carriers, resin flow media, barriers to galvanic corrosion and layers for improving the interlaminar fracture toughness of components.

High-performance nonwoven veils. © Technical Fibre Products

A key requirement for composites in industries such as aerospace, automotive and sporting goods, is enabling a high quality resin rich surface finish and effective fibre distribution in the veils makes Optiveil ideal for this, the company says – a smooth surface and even resin uptake and distribution are assured. A layer of heavier weight Optimat nonwoven can also reduce print-through from the underlying reinforcement fabric if interleaved between the fabric layers close to the surface.

Optiveil surfacing veils can also provide additional functionality to the surface of a composite, determined by the type of veil used. This can range from corrosion resistance (glass and carbon) to abrasion resistance (aramid), electrical conductivity, static dissipation and EMI shielding (carbon and metal coated carbon).

TFP will also exhibit its Tecnofire nonwovens which provide composites with built in fire protection. Fabricated from high temperature resistant fibres these resin-infusible materials are incorporated at the surface of a composite.

Activated by high temperatures, Tecnofire expands and protects the underlying structure from fire, improving the fire smoke toxicity of the composite, without the structural compromises or time consuming application associated with alternative technologies, says TFP.

A new development in this range is a Tecnofire grade which can be activated on demand without heat. The intumescent mat has been designed for use in a remotely activated fire protection systems and due to the presence of the conductive fibres, has the added benefit of acting as an electromagnetic shield.

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