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11th February 2019, Stamford, CT

HexPly patches for improved NVH performance

The technology was tested by Saint Jean Industries on an 18.5kg rear aluminium subframe. © Hexcel

The technology was tested by Saint Jean Industries on an 18.5kg rear aluminium subframe. © Hexcel

Hexcel’s carbon prepreg patch technology has been selected as a finalist for the JEC Innovation Awards 2019 in the Automotive category. Hexcel’s composite solution is designed to improve the performance of aluminium subframes by reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

HexPly patches consist of UD carbon fibre and an epoxy matrix with fast curing self-adhesive properties that enable it to bond to metal in a highly efficient one-step process. 500 grams of HexPly prepreg were added to the aluminium subframe, and the test results demonstrated a positive effect on improving overall NVH performance. Aluminium subframes are significantly lighter than traditional steel versions.

Hexcel developed HexPly carbon prepreg patch technology to provide an innovative way of locally stiffening and reinforcing aluminium parts to provide noise and vibration management functionality. This technology was tested by Saint Jean Industries, Hexcel’s partner in the award application, on an 18.5kg rear aluminium subframe from a series production vehicle. The company performed modal analysis over the range of frequencies experienced by subframes, taking into account different engine types across a range of vehicle speeds. Based on this analysis, Hexcel calculated the carbon layers and orientations required to optimize mechanical performance and the vibration response.

Benefits of this innovation are said to include lower production costs, energy savings, increased driver comfort, production flexibility and part count reduction. The technology is adaptable for thermal engine, electric or fuel cell vehicles, allowing OEMs to benefit from a fully developed industrialized solution with noise and vibration simulation tools already available to optimize part performance.

The JEC Innovation Awards – organised by the JEC Group – are recognized as the industry’s most prestigious awards that identify, promote and reward the most innovative composite projects worldwide. In 2019, 30 finalists have been selected by an international jury of experts from more than a hundred applications.

The award winners will be announced during JEC World 2019 on 13 March. Hexcel will showcase its new HexPly carbon patch technology at JEC World 2019, among other composite innovations for the automotive, marine, wind energy and aerospace sectors.

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