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19th May 2017, Stamford, CT

Hexcel to promote its latest materials at SAMPE Seattle 2017

Hexcel will be promoting its latest materials for aerospace and industrial applications at the SAMPE 2017 technical conference that takes place from 23-24 May in Seattle, WA. Specialists from Hexcel’s carbon fibres, reinforcements, prepregs, honeycomb and engineered core groups will be there to speak with attendees about Hexcel’s wide variety of products and offerings.

HiTape dry carbon fibre reinforcements

This year at SAMPE Seattle Hexcel will be promoting its HiTape dry carbon fibre reinforcements with a C spar panel and co-infused stringer. According to the manufacturer, this display shows the high forming capability of HiTape reinforcements and how the technology can be used to co-infuse stringers and C spar panels. It is also representative of an aircraft wing construction, the company reports.

HiTape. © Hexcel Corporation

“HiTape dry carbon fibre reinforcements are designed for the automated manufacture of preforms at very high deposition rates. The dry preforms are infused with Hexcel’s HexFlow RTM6 resin for a cost-efficient out-of-autoclave manufacturing process for next generation aircraft structures. Parts produced with HiTape reinforcements and Hexcel’s HexFlow infusion resins can be up to 30mm thick with a 58 to 60% fibre volume content, resulting in mechanical properties that are as high as those achieved with primary structure prepregs,” the company explains.

HexTool carbon fibre composite tooling material

Hexcel will also be exhibiting a display of its HexTool carbon fibre composite tooling material, which has been developed to enable mould tool manufacturers to build lightweight tooling that meets the strict requirements for stability and repeatability of tolerances that had previously only been achieved with machined Invar tools.

HexTool material is also said to provide improved thermal performance and is much lighter than metal tooling, allowing easier handling and maneuverability. “Long tool life, ease of use, and the machinability of cured structures are some of the primary reasons HexTool is being selected to make tooling for aircraft and engine structures worldwide,” the company reports.

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