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19th August 2019, Ålesund

Hexagon Mobile Pipeline introduces new product

Mobile Pipeline by night. © Hexagon Composites

Mobile Pipeline by night. © Hexagon Composites

Hexagon Mobile Pipeline, a business of Hexagon Composites, has been awarded an order for Titan gas transport modules from Certarus, the North American market leading provider of fully integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) delivery solutions, with a total value of US$ 7.3 million.

The Mobile Pipeline modules will support Certarus’ continued growth, including its expansion in the eastern Canada mining sector and other industrial markets across North America.  

“Our long partnership with Certarus continues to grow and we are pleased to develop our product innovation with such a leader in the market,” said Jon A. Smith, President of Hexagon Mobile Pipeline. “The relationship continues well beyond the purchase, as the service and support for these modules ensure safe delivery and assets that reach their life expectancy. We continue to see new energy transformation opportunities for CNG to supply the growing demand for cleaner and more efficient energy use, as well as being an enabler for accelerating carbon reduction for our partners.”

A portion of this order will also replace Type 3 modules in Certarus’ fleet, with the more advanced and cost-effective Type 4, carbon fibre technology contained in all Mobile Pipeline products, as well as being the first fleet to receive the newly launched Titan 2. The Titan 2 provides the ability to utilise the weight efficiency of the Titan in an easily upgradable configuration, if volumes warrant, the manufacturer explains.

“The ability to provide carbon reduction solutions to large scale off-grid fuel consumers in all industries has been a driver of our growth,” commented Curtis Philippon, President and CEO of Certarus. “We appreciate the customer focused innovation at Hexagon. The addition of the Titan 2 product further expands the overall addressable off-grid market that Certarus can economically support.”

Deliveries of the Titan modules are scheduled for the second half of 2019.

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