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14th January 2019, Aachen/Mönchengladbach

Textechno announces partnership with AZL

Textechno, a leading designer and manufacturer of precision test equipment and systems for fibres, yarns and rovings in textile and composite applications, has announced its partnership with the AZL, Aachen Center for Integrative Lightweight Production.

Textechno will be working in close cooperation with the AZL and their partners to drive innovation in composite testing and to further advance excellence in lightweight production. Textechno says it is especially looking forward to closer contact and networking activities with polymer producers and multinationals, such as carbon or glass fibre producers or resin manufacturers.

Textechno will be working with AZL to drive innovation in composite testing. © Textechno

“The precise knowledge of key material parameters is the fundamental basis of the production of high-quality composite products. With its innovative composite testing instruments, Textechno supports its customers to be more successful. Our partnership with the AZL will further help us to contribute to the advances of the composites industry,” said Dr Ulrich Mörschel, Textechno’s Managing Director.

“We are looking forward to a close collaboration with AZL to contribute to joint development and expert knowledge,” commented Dr Stefan Fliescher, Textechno’s Assistant Managing Director. “Textechno’s strategic decision to apply our knowledge of textile testing technologies to the benefit of composite materials has by now led to the development of four dedicated testing instruments. These are applied by customers worldwide to strengthen their lightweight production and R&D in the field of single fibre testing, fibre-matrix adhesion, drapeability determination, as well as characterisation and quality assurance of rovings.”

Dr Michael Emonts, CEO of AZL, added: “We are very happy to welcome Textechno on board of the AZL partner network. AZL is consisting today of 9 research institutes which are active in the field of lightweight production technology at the Campus of RWTH Aachen and 90 industrial companies worldwide. We are convinced that Textechno will find their benefit in our activities and particularly when exhibiting for the first time at our AZL innovation area at the JEC World 2019 from March 12-14 in Paris.”

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