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18th November 2019, Paris

JEC World affirms global leadership in composites innovation

Organisers expect 1,400 exhibitors and more than 45,000 professional visits from 112 countries. © JEC World

Organisers expect 1,400 exhibitors and more than 45,000 professional visits from 112 countries. © JEC World

JEC World is the leading global trade show dedicated to composite materials. Next year’s show, which takes place from 3-5 March 2020, at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, in Paris, will be the industry’s most significant annual event, hosting all the major players in a spirit of innovation, business and networking.

“With 1,400 expected exhibitors and more than 45,000 expected professional visits from 112 countries, JEC World has become a global festival, and the undisputed reference for the composites industry. JEC World 2020 looks set to be even bigger. It is already 95% booked – a strong demonstration of the industry’s commitment,” organisers report.

A significant number of industry leaders and JEC World regulars have confirmed they will attend, and the industry’s leading countries and regions will be represented at 28 regional and international pavilions.

Innovation in JEC World’s DNA

JEC World’s main objective is to promote the composites sector’s biggest innovative projects. More than 600 product launches are expected to be announced over the three days of the show, which will also feature awards ceremonies, competitions and exhibitions:

  • The JEC Innovation Awards celebrate innovative global composite projects. In 15 years, the Innovation Awards have bought together some 1,800 companies and recognized 177 projects.
  • The Startup Booster is the leading start-up competition in the world of composites. In its fourth year, it recognises innovations with the greatest impact on the industry and promotes them to a significant audience of decision-makers.
  • The Composites Challenge recognises selected PhD students for the quality of their research in the field of composites.
  • Innovation Planets will highlight the latest composite innovations in four display areas, each focused on specific themes
  • New 3D Printing and Bio-based solutions hubs will showcase the latest developments in these two domains from participating companies.
  • Finally, a dedicated zone will present 50 years of expansion in the composites industry across 15 application sectors. This retrospective will put the future potential of the composites industry into clearer perspective.

Essential trade fair for decision-makers

In order to maximise their return on investment JEC World offers visitors and exhibitors access to effective marketing and relationship-building opportunities. More than 6,000 business meetings will take place over the three days of the show, tailored to the specific needs and priorities of these leaders while giving them the opportunity to strengthen their positions, get involved in new programs, and meet new partners.

JEC World also plays a key role in global knowledge sharing between the industry’s main players. To promote this openness, several technical conferences will be held over the three days presenting the latest in:

  • Eco-design, sustainability and recycling: where are composites?
  • Concrete and Composites: the perfect mix
  • Biomimicry: Nature shows us the most effective solutions
  • Carbon: What materials and processes for the future?
  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence – From design to production 4.0
  • Fibre and nano-reinforced materials fill gaps in additive manufacturing

The Agora Stage, a platform for exchanges and sharing that is open to all, will host a number of high-profile speakers who will share their vision of the composites market and all the highlights of the event. French Flying Man and Flyboard inventor Franky Zapata, founder and CEO of the Zapata Company, will talk about how innovative materials and engineering concepts can democratize personal air mobility.

And for the second year running, JEC Group will present the results of the JEC Observer (the Overview of the Composites Market, 2019-2023), which is the go-to barometer of the composites industry.

Finally, the Country on Stage will give three countries with strong composites ecosystems a chance to show off their achievements and potential, with the Netherlands already confirmed. In the form of keynote presentations, representatives of each country will present their industrial ambitions and business assets to a global audience.

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